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Fortune 500 companies have paid more than $10,000 for horse whispering demonstrations

Jackson Hole Valley in Wyoming is full of ranches. But not all ranches bring in Fortune 500 companies who pay upwards of $10,000 to watch a cowboy tame a wild horse.

For more than 20 years, Jane and Grant Golliher of Diamond Cross Ranch in Moran, Wyoming, have been working with Fortune 500 companies like Google, Disney, and Toyota for corporate events that include evenings of ranch hospitality, dining — and horse whispering. These events, some of which take place at Diamond Cross Ranch and some elsewhere, start at $10,000 and are tailored for each group based on priorities, objectives, size, time, and other factors, the Gollihers told me.

Just last year, they threw an album listening party for Kanye West and hosted Alibaba cofounder Jack Ma and his family. At first, the horse whispering demonstrations were purely for entertainment. But to the Gollihers' surprise, attendees seemed to get much more out of the demonstrations than expected.

The clients started "telling us the message that they got," Jane told Business Insider. "Grant would do the demonstrations and often people would begin crying ..."

People started telling the Gollihers that lessons they'd learned from horse whispering are lessons that apply to business, leadership, and teamwork.

"I always said, it fits life. It's not just about training a horse," said Grant, who has been training horses professionally for 40 years.

On a recent trip to Jackson Hole, I visited Diamond Cross Ranch and got a private horse whispering demonstration from Grant. Here's what it was like.

- Erika Coggin

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